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Article: Thinking Your Way To Becoming A Better Guitar Player

Thinking Your Way To Being A Better Guitar Player

Do you often struggle with having enough time to practice guitar? Has your guitar practice suffered because you struggle with wondering if you are getting any better? Would you like to know how to improve what you get out of your practice time, lesson time, and time away from guitar? Would you like to know how to massively improve your guitar playing without even having your guitar with you? I bet you would love it, I know I did when I learned this.

You practice guitar to become a better guitar player. That part if obvious and simple, but even if put in many hours a day does not mean you will get any better. Many people believe that just repeating something will alone get them to where they want to be. This is a piece of it. You do need to give what you do plenty of time and repetition. This is missing the most important part which will transform what you are doing and supercharge your practice.

Practice is not in the hands, it is in the mind! I’ve seen many people put in tons of hours every day and still not get much better. The reason for their lack of success was that their mind was not fully engaged and engaged with belief. Basketball legend Michael Jordan said, “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.” To do that you have to be able to see yourself doing it.

There have been tests done showing that people who practice in their mind away from whatever it is they want to practice will improve almost just as much as those who are actually physically practicing. This isn’t wishing you would get better. This is closing your eyes and intently picturing yourself going through the motions. Like watching a movie in your minds eye.

When doing this you should give it lots of focus and emotion. See yourself succeeding and feeling how great it will feel to do it. If this seems silly to you at all, just know you’ve done this many times in the past without even realizing it. Have you ever imagined a snake or spider crawling on you and felt the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? Nothing was their yet your body reacted to the imagined experience. Our body will react to what the mind believe to be true. So if you vividly picture yourself practicing guitar and playing perfectly, then your mind will imprint this idea into your muscle memory without even using your muscles.

Use this when you are practicing with your guitar or away from it. Picture success vividly and enjoy it. You will not only start feeling a lot better about your guitar playing and practice, but start getting faster results.

About The Author: Ryan Duke is a professional musician, guitar teacher, and owner of Supertonic Guitar providing the best guitar lessons in Franklin.