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Tell Me About You


In preparation for your free session, tell me a little about YOU and YOUR guitar playing goals. Then we'll set up an appointment for your free introductory session.

I'll be in touch with you soon!


1) Fill out the brief questionnaire and contact information below.

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    1. What musical styles/bands/artists do you like/want to play?

    2. Tell me what you already know how to play (if anything) on guitar.

    3. What are the top three things (if anything) you do well on guitar?

    4. What are the top three things (if anything) you struggle with on guitar?

    5. What other musical training/experience (if any) have you had?

    6. If you had the ability to do anything you wanted to musically, what would you do?

    7. What is your main motivation for wanting to take guitar lessons?


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