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Has been fantastic!…




“Learning how to play the guitar has been great. I have played the piano for a very long time and up until a few months ago I wanted to play the guitar. I really enjoy learning how to play the guitar. Taking guitar lessons from Mr. Tuttle has been fantastic! I like guitar lessons so much that I always look forward to going to my next lesson!” (BRITTNEY W.)

Continuous progress…


“Our attempts at learning an instrument at home through computer or DVDs just didn’t cut it. It either was not motivating or didn’t get done. True learning didn’t happen. With Craig Tuttle Music Studios I have found the complete opposite to be true! He is always relaxed, positive and encouraging. The results of his methods are evident in Carson’s continuous progress. It is apparent at every lesson that Craig loves music & loves teaching guitar. I believe that his love & enthusiasm carries over to my son. Craig encourages Carson to learn song’s he’s really interested in playing, while at the same time working on needed skill areas that he wants Carson to learn. I believe this is much more engaging to students than just going through the book alone.” (JENNIFER E.)

Fun and rewarding…


“My favorite thing about taking guitar lessons with Craig Tuttle is being able to take part in a fun and rewarding activity with my son. We are both learning to play guitar together! I would not have known how to even get started on the guitar without Craig. He even helped us pick out some great starter guitars. I can’t believe how far my son and I have come in just two months. We are already playing short songs. I feel we are learning the right way instead of haphazardly trying to pick things up ourselves. For example, my son was frustrated that he wasn’t learning how to play as quickly as he wanted. Craig was very encouraging and was able to help him get over some rough spots. Craig does a good job keeping us feeling positive about our development.” (TODD S.)

Learning essential skills…


“As a parent the things I appreciate about Craig Tuttle’s teaching is I know my son is learning essential skills. Craig teaches music reading, tabs, finger picking, chords, tuning, everything, in a comfortable venue. (DAVID L.)



My favorite thing about taking guitar lessons with Craig Tuttle is I get to learn how to play my favorite songs with a friendly teacher. I get to learn some techniques that professional guitarists use!”


Very talented & experienced…


“My favorite thing about taking guitar lessons with Mr. Tuttle is getting to play guitar with him and other kids and having fun doing it! In lessons he shows me ways to get better, learning many songs to play for my family and friends. I like it when Mr. Tuttle jams with me on Rockin’ Blues!” (JARED B.)


“As a parent the things I appreciate about Craig Tuttle’s teaching is his talent & experience—very high level, and patience with kids to meet their individual goals. We would recommend guitar lessons with Craig Tuttle to others because he is not just very talented & experienced with playing the guitar, he is also a great teacher of technique & individualizes each lesson to fit the student’s ability, but at the same time challenging them.” (JAIME B.)

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